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Assisted Living Checklist: Asking the Right Questions

Facility Name:
First Visit:
Second Visit:
Date Visited:
Day of Week: Mon    Tue    Wed    Thu    Fri    Sat    Sun
Time of Day: Morning     Afternoon     Evening
You may want to attach the price list for this facility for easier comparisons.

The Call
How many living units are at the facility?
Where is the facility located?
Are different sizes and types of units available? Yes No
Do any units have kitchens or kitchenettes? Yes No
Are all the rooms private? Yes No
Are bathrooms private? Yes No
Does the facility offer special care units, such as those serving people with Alzheimer's disease? Yes No
Is a contract available that details all fees, services and admission and discharge policies? Yes No
Is there a written care plan for each resident? Yes No
What role does the resident have in developing the care plan?
Are additional services available on the same campus if a resident's needs change? Yes No
Can residents choose their own doctors, therapists and pharmacies? Yes No
How does the facility bill for services?
What happens if a resident runs out of money?
Under what conditions would a resident have to leave the facility?

The Visit
Is the facility clean? Yes No
Is the facility cheerful? Yes No
Do you feel good about the facility? Yes No
Are stairs and hallways well lit? Yes No
Are exits well marked? Yes No
Do rooms and bathrooms have handrails and call buttons? Yes No
Are there safety locks on the doors and windows? Yes No
Are there security and fire safety systems? Yes No
Is there an emergency generator or alternate power source? Yes No
Is the floor plan logical and easy to follow? Yes No
Are rooms large enough for a resident's needs? Yes No
Are there kitchens or kitchenettes? Yes No
Are there enough common areas, such as dens and living rooms? Yes No
What special services are available (bank, café, beauty salon, etc.)?

The Contract
Is the contract easy to read? Yes No
Do you understand everything in the contract? Yes No
Does the contract address the following service issues?
Does it specify all services provided by the facility? (Make note of those listed.)
Does it include all of the services you are looking for? Yes No
Does it specify how frequently these services are provided? Yes No
Are they frequent enough for your needs? Yes No
Does it specify when and where meals are served? Yes No
Does it specify that all meals are served seven days a week? Yes No
Does the contract address levels of care? Yes No
How many levels?
Who determines which level of care a resident will receive?
What services are provided on each level?
Are linens and laundry service provided? Yes No
Are transportation services provided? Yes No
Is there a parking fee? Yes No
Does the facility offer on-site worship services or transportation to off-site services? Yes No
Does the contract cover the following cost issues?
Entrance fees? Yes No
Monthly rent? Yes No
Security deposits? Yes No
Are deposits refundable? Yes No
What do additional services cost?
What health care services are included?
What utilities are included?
Is telephone service included? Long distance service? Yes No
How are rate increases or late payments handled? Yes No
Does the contract cover transfer and discharge policies? Yes No
Who can make a transfer or discharge decision?
Is the resident's living area held open while the resident is in the hospital? Yes No
If so, for what cost?
How much notice is given to residents who are asked to leave?
Does the contract cover specific rights of the residents?
Are pets allowed? Yes No
Is personal furniture allowed? Yes No
Does the contract deny the resident's right to bring legal action against the facility for injury, negligence or other cause? Yes No
Can residents come and go at will? Yes No
Can personal visitors come and go at will? Yes No