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The Center for Universal Design
Learn more about Universal Design, its history, and some current UD projects from this NC State University website.

Fall Prevention Center of Excellence
Find a list of tip sheets, websites, and articles on ways seniors can prevent falls.

Find a list of resources to help consumers choose products to improve the safety of their home.

National Association of Home Builders
Find information on certified aging-in-place specialists, as well tips on universal design, remodeling, and maintaining your home (800-368-5242).

The National Resource Center on Supportive Housing and Home Modification (NRCSHHM)
Find the latest research, guidebooks, and fact sheets on home modification, as well as workshops and Internet courses on supportive housing or modifications to help people age in place.

Universal Designers and Consultants
Sign up for a newsletter, participate in discussions with industry experts, and check out the Universal Design store (301-270-2470).

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