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Health History
Learn how to help your parent organize a comprehensive health record.

Legal Issues
Find out what legal documents your loved ones need to protect them as they age.

Valuable Documents at Your Fingertips

Where is your mother's birth certificate? Does your father have a will? Like most people, your answer is probably "I don't know." Too often adult children don't consider their parents' important documents until it is too late. "I don't want to be nosy," and "I'll deal with it later" may prevent you and your parents from planning well for the future.

Gather your loved one's important documents and contact number with the help of this worksheet.

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There is no better time to talk to your parents than now, before a crisis happens. Whether they are in perfect health or if one is suffering from chronic illness, locate their valuable documents. This will assist you in providing the best care for your parents if the need arises.

This worksheet has been designed to help you and your parents work together to locate these documents early. By having this conversation, all of you will gain the peace of mind that important information is at your fingertips.

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