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Long-Term Care Cost Calculator

To find the average cost in your state for a nursing home, assisted living facility, or a home health aid, use the calculator below. If you would like you can download a full cost sheet organized by state.

This information was taken from two surveys conducted by the MetLife Mature Market Institute. These figures represent an average cost based on a sample of long-term care services and facilities. Remember that your actual costs will vary, so use these figures as a guide in your long-term care planning.

Assisted Living Rates
Theses rates are for a private room with private bath and typically at least two meals per day, housekeeping, and personal-care assistance.

Private Room Rates
These rates were obtained from licensed nursing homes that provide both skilled and custodial care and have a private pay rate for custodial care, not the Medicare reimbursed rate.

Hourly Rates for Home Health Aides
These hourly rates were obtained from licensed (if required by the state) agencies. Typically, a home visit from a home health aide lasts longer than an hour. Home health aides assist with activities such as bathing, dressing, and toileting.

Cost estimates were provided by the AARP Public Policy Institute, which generated average costs for the markets surveyed in the MetLife Survey of Nursing Homes and Home Care Costs (September, 2006) and the MetLife Market Survey of Assisted Living Costs (October, 2006).

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