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Aging with Dignity
Access ďFive Wishes,Ē a document that takes into account loved one's your emotional, physical, and spiritual needs and allows you to express how you want to be treated if you are seriously ill or unable to speak for yourself. (888-594-7437).

Association for Death Education and Counseling
Learn how to cope with death and the loss of a parent and other loved ones.

American Psychiatric Association
Find contact information for your districtís branch of the American Psychiatric Association. They can help you locate a psychiatrist near you from among the organizationís 36,000 physicians (202-682-6220).

American Psychological Association
Locate a psychologist by zip code, city, or state (800-964-2000).

Learn more about hospice care, arranging time away from work, and the best ways to handle grief.

National Association for Home Care and Hospice Agency Locator
Find the right provider for you from a database of 20,000 home care and hospice agencies.

National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization
Get help locating the hospice programs closest to you, finding information on hospice Medicare benefits, and learning how to best communicate end-of-life wishes (800-658-8898).

National Resource Center on Diversity in End-of-Life Care
Find out more about this program that works to improve end-of-life care for culturally diverse populations.

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