Power of 50: Biggest Flops Over the Past 50 years – AARP Bulletin Today

Illustration and animation by Mark Pinkston

Photos:Rocket belt, Francis Miller/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images; nose, Steve Lewis/Getty Images; WIN, Bettman/Corbis; Betamax, Tomasz Sienicki/Creative Commons; baby food, Jason Poole/iStockphoto; Apple Lisa and Edsel, SSPL/Getty Images; Fidel Castro, AP Photo; Rosie O’Donnell, Jennifer Graylock/AP Photo; Eddie Murphy, Tony Barson/Getty Images; Dennis Hopper, Catherine Milinaire/Sygma/Corbis; Michelle Phillips and Jackie Gleason, Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images; Rudy Giuliani, Chris Hondros/Getty Images

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